Imgconvert is a command-line tool to convert bmp images to double-byte PIC assembly defines to be displayed through the SSD1339 OLED controller.
Click the image to download.

y-tool: a memory manager

Y-tool is a simple memory backup utility for the Yaesu FT-857d tranceiver.
I was unable to find a free tool to let me save the memory channels that I had painstakingly entered through the radio dials. When the day comes and you need to do a hard reset after a mod, for example, you have to purchase some massive software package to back up your channel memories. If you don't have a need for a complete CAT setup, this tool may be just the thing.
Y-tool creates a backup file for the 200 memory channels in your FT-857D. You can keep several memory setups in separate files, but I have not implemented a file dialog yet. If I register a lot of interest in this software, I may start to support it. So far, though, it is totally free and unsupported. I do appreciate any feedback you may have,though. My e-mail address is in the aboutbox.
Download the utility by clicking the picture below. The software has been tested on XP only.
The utility uses undocumented radio commands, so use it at your own risk.